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Things you must know about Tankless Water Heaters.

Things you must know about Tankless Water Heaters.

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How often do you run out of hot water or manage showering and other activities around hot water availability?

Probably often. You need endless hot water. A Rinnai can actually deliver gallons of hot water per hour! It would take six 40 gallon water heaters or 10 electric water heaters to provide the same output.

Did you know your conventional water heater is the largest energy user in your home next to the HVAC unit?

Based on the national average of four people consuming 64 gallons per day, the annual median operating cost for a Rinnai Tankless is $190. Compare that to $515 for an electric tank and $304 for an average gas tank annually. Converting to Rinnai saves up to 40% on your water heating bill. Prospects can use the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Energy Savings Calculator to see the difference.

Are you familiar with the increasing prominence of tankless technology?

Many other countries have embraced tankless water heating solutions for decades. It’s a green benefit that’s growing in the U.S. in fact, one of every two tankless water heaters installed in the U.S. is a Rinnai, thanks to their products’ unsurpassed quality, five year parts and labor warranty, and 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

How long have you had your current water heater?

A standard water heater will last 10 years before giving out, and it’s easier to replace before it fails. A Rinnai Tankless Water Heater has about twice the life expectancy of a typical heater. Plus, it adds value to your home’s resale value as a prospective buyers analyze expected utility expenses.

Did you know you’ll save about 16 square feet of space by installing a Rinnai?

That’s another closet. Rinnai also offers outdoor models, allowing greater space savings indoors. Whether indoor or outdoor, the compact size provides flexibility to strategically locate the unit for maximum performance.

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