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Bathroom Remodeling: Replacing the toilet

Remodeling- How to Install A Bathroom Toilet

One of the most common things to do during a bathroom remodel is replacing a toilet. Knowing how to install a toilet will not only improve the look of your bathroom remodeling, but it will also help save money on your water bill. Follow the instructions below to remove your damaged toilet and install a new water saving toilet.

—Removing Your Existing Toilet—

In order to remove your old commode, you will need to shut off the water and then drain the water from the tank. Begin by turning the shut off valve to the right to stop the flow of water into the toilet tank. Always make sure you do not have a leaky toilet.

Remove the lid from your toilet’s tank and remove the tube from the overflow pipe.

Flush the toilet and hold down the hand to drain the water from the tank and the bowl of the commode. Use an old rag to soak up any remaining water in the tank and bowl.

Disconnect the water supply line from the bottom of the water tank and unhook the chain from the flushing mechanism.

On the underneath side of the tank, you will find a bolt on each side that attaches the tank to the bowl. Unscrew the bolts and lift the tank from the bowl.
Once the leaking toilet tank has been removed, it is time to remove the toilet base from the floor. There are bolts located on each side of the base at the floor level.

Lift the plastic covers to expose the nuts and unscrew the nuts.

Rock the base from side to side to loosen the base from the wax ring located under the base. Continue this rocking motion until the bowl comes loose. Lift the toilet base and set it to the side.

Plumber lifting toilet

Clean the wax from the drain line and the floor, using a putty knife. Once the wax has been removed and the drain line is cleaned, it is time to install your new toilet.

—Installing a New Toilet—

Before installing your new Kohler toilet, replace the bolts in the flange. The flange has a slot that allows you to remove the old bolts and install new ones.

Installing Toilet
Turn the base of the toilet on its side and carefully position the new wax ring on the toilet. Then position the base over the drain hole.

Kneel on top of the base and gently rock it back and forth until it sits level. Your weight will help compress the wax to create a water tight seal.

Tighten the bolts at the bottom of the base to help secure it to the floor with the new nuts that came with your toilet.

Then, mount the commode’s tank to the base by attaching and tightening the bolts that come with the toilet kit.

Finally, attach the water supply line to the toilet and turn the shut off valve on by turning to the left.

Allow the toilet to fill with water and then flush and check for leaks around the base of the commode, the water supply line connections and the tank.

You can save money by removing and installing a new toilet yourself. The information above describes in detail each step of the process. If you are unsure about completing this project yourself, have a Virginia Beach plumber on standby in case you run into any problems.

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Common plumbing problems to look for:

Valve repair
Broken handles
Running Toilet
Damaged flapper

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